File Transfer Checklist

To ensure accurate and prompt translation of your files, please use a supported file type and follow the guidelines below.

When your file is ready, please email it as an attachment to the Peters Steel Rule Die Design Department at .


Please use the preferred formats listed below, and avoid those that are unsupported. For assistance with file formatting issues, please contact us.

Preferred file formats include:

  • .ai Adobe Illustrator Format
  • .pdf Portable Document Format
  • .eps Encapsulated PostScript
  • .dxf drawing exchange format

Peters Dies is not able to read or convert the following file types:

  • Macintosh formatted files
  • .dat comma delimited ascii text
  • .tif tagged image file format
  • .jpg compressed photograph
  • .cdr Corel Draw image file


  • Use a 1:1 scaled ratio.
  • Use vector line types. Raster images cannot be read or converted.
  • Extra Lines: All cut, score, perforation and construction lines have the same line type when converted to the die-making software. Be sure to indicate what a line type is, if it is unusual, and delete any construction lines from your file.
  • View: Indicate if your design is print/outside view, or if it is die/inside view.
  • Grip Edge: Indicate which rule is the grip edge dead feed and/or extensions.
  • For high speed presses, (Bobst, Iijima, Miehle, etc.) include a precise measurement from the edge of the sheet to the first cut rule on the grip edge.